Thursday, March 19, 2009

We've gone Barbaric

It was a beautiful day, about years 10 000 years ago, and Wallace the wooly mammoth wondered happily away from his herd to explore. He wanted to show the others that he was a brave mammoth, not at all afraid of the barren tundra. Unbeknown to him, danger was lurking just around the corner.


Liam the Ferocious and his tribe had been following the herd of mammoths for weeks just waiting for the right moment to strike. Food was scare and the winter would soon set in with storms and bone chilling temperatures. Hunting would become very difficult. The survival of his tribe depended on the capture of a mammoth to help sustain them over the long, hard winter. Finally, luck was on their side and when one young mammoth wandered away from the tribe they seized the opportunity and readied their weapons.


A horrible battle ensued in which anything could happen.  It was close but Liam and his tribe rallied together and were victorious over the massive mammoth.


The mammoth fell to a heap on the ground, dying. From a safe distance the tribe watch until the mammoth trashed and then twitched for the last time. A mighty cheer rose up from the tribe but then they quickly had to get to work preparing the meat and fur to bring back to the rest of the tribe. They would be taken care of for another winter.  The spirits had been with them on this occasion.

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