Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Favorite Pictures

I just wanted to share a bunch of my favorite pictures of my children. My new camera arrived today so I'll be starting with new photos and adventures in the blog soon but I said earlier that I'd post some of my favorites.

So here goes


Liam on his first birthday

Liam's third Birthday...wondering if all those cakes are for him!

Cute little boy!

Just kind of like the lighting in this one of Liam

Love her eyes.


I guess she wore that outfit a lot. It's not the same day but I love this one too.

Morgaine's first birthday. She's having a wonderful time!


Morgaine, almost  2, in Grandpa's backyard.


Morgaine, same visit to Grandpa's.


Morgaine: Chocolate Fondue is good!!

I hope you enjoyed. I'll still be posting some older photos in the coming days but they'll be mixed in with new stuff as well. I'm really excited!

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