Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm expecting

Yes, there's a wee one in there getting ready to join our clan in April, 2010.



7 weeks

I've always wanted to take weekly belly pictures but I've never felt motivated enough to actually do it. Knowing that this little one is likely our last I figured that if I actually dedicated myself to posting weekly pictures on my blog then I would HAVE to take them. So there you go, I pledge to post weekly belly updates on Mama Manuscripts (poor you guys *lol*). Likely not terribly interesting but I'm excited to see the changes (I'm always shocked at how HUGE I am at the end of pregnancy. My body totally morphs!)

Anyways, we are thrilled. We've always felt that we were meant to have three but weren't sure it was going to happen so we are pleasantly surprised. We'll keep you updated!