Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A very late friday favorites

My kitties.....

I am totally a cat person. I have always been a cat person and I will always be a cat person. I might not be as much of a cat person as my man (he befriends all the cats in the neighbourhood) but I am pretty darn close. I figured that since the batteries in my camera are dead again I take the evening to share some pictures that I have saved on my computer and I have no shortage of cat photos.

Introducing my feline family!

Miss Mikula Blue Eyes (oh, yeah and my man too)


Mikula is our one and only pure bred kitty. She is a mink Tonkinese and you can find out more about here breed here Tonkinese are a 50/50 blend of Burmese and Siamese making them friendly like the Burmese yet talkative like the Siamese and Mikula loves to "talk". At almost 8 years old she is our oldest kitty but she is still young at heart. She loves to dance and you will often find Mikula and I prancing about (and believe it or not, it's pretty co-ordinated). She sings all the while. She loves a warm lap (and will sleep on anyone). She totally knows when a women is pregnant and will not let them out of her sight. She loves babies but is a little bit weary of the children as they grow. She has a personality that can change on a seconds notice. While she would never hurt the kids she has been know to warn them to stay away. Mike isn't very fond of this cat and she is considered "my" in "here, I don't want your take her".

On to Milton


First of all, Milton is a she kitty. Yes, I know.....Milton is a boys name but at the time we got her we were watching some reality show on TV (Ultimate Love Challenge, could it be?) and it featured one couple who were eclectic and wonderful rockers (Balentine) and they had a kitty called Milton (well, Melton....darn ABC) and we just love how they featured that cat. Milton was an SPCA rescue kitty who we got just days after loosing our precious Cookie due to ingesting a toxic plant we received as a gift (Easter Lily...lilies and cat DO NOT mix). We were looking to get an older cat but after spending the whole day not of the kitties felt right but this kitten was cute and her markings we gorgeous so we took her home. She was a bit of the wild thing but is so incredibly stupid. She has no cat instincts. She falls off of things all the time. She chases her tail. She is a bit of a scardy cat, Unfortunately, Milton escaped a few days ago and while we caught glimpses of her a few times she would not come in. We have not laid eyes on her for nearly 48 hours. With the hit and he lack on insticts I am beginning to worry about Ms. Milton. Please keep this cat in your thoughts. She's really the cat that gets along with everyone (even the kids) and she'd be missed if something happened to her.

And finally New Cat


Hmm, if you haven't notice we have some issues naming our cats. New Cat joined our family when we brought Milton back to the SPCA to be fixed. I said, "please, Mike can we just go and see the other cats." Despite his better judgement he let me go and it was love at first sight. New cat was in her cage and she had a scraped up nose but she was just gorgeous and has something within her that was just pulling at my heartstrings. We were admiring her when an assistant came in and told us that she had fought to keep that cat alive for another day because the others at the SPCA had deemed her agressive and she could not be around other kids of other cats. That was it. I needed that cat. We ended up going home without her but I convinced Mike, that despite having Liam at home and being pregnant with another child and not to mention having two other cats at home that we NEEDED to bring this cat home. So New Cat joined our family and there is not an aggressive bone in her body. Yes, she has animal insticts (she was a feral kitty) but aggressive, no way). Maybe she knows she got her second chance. She is Mike's best buddy and will sit on his shoulder. She greets us in the morning with a friend knock to our head. She's affectionate (when she wants to be) and is amazingly patient with the kids (who have decided that this is their cat to torture).  She's been a welcomed addition to the fray.

Well, now you've gotten the chance to meet my other babies. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writting about them! *lol* 

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  1. Krystle WillcottJuly 31, 2008 at 4:04 PM

    Oh, poor Cookie. I remember her "mixing dough", running from the brush and I, then cuddling up to me because I had a mint in my mouth and I'll never forget the time we gave her a bath.