Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Fave Five-July 9th

I'm back! We've had a somewhat stressful week and a bit. Tension were running a tad high and we needed to just take some time away and regroup but I am happy to be back and posting, and just in time for Friday Faves at that! What were your favorite moments, things, places this week. Please join me at Living to Tell the Story and share!

This is like to be very baby focused this week!

1. Skin to skin in the shower. I hadn't tried to shower with Ruadhán until about a week ago. It is WONDERFUL! He is full of smiles and even though he isn't newborn holding him right next to me feels so nice. It has also been very welcomed the last day or two because it is HOT here!

2. Nursing in public and people's reactions. Which have surprisingly been very positive. People seem much more opposed to my using a carrier to take babe out and about and I was expecting to get negative comments about nursing.

3. Ruahdán reaction to our facial expressions. He is getting expressive now and loves to copy what we are doing. Much fun!

4.Finally choosing a colour for our house that covers well (and the fact that Home Depot let us return 13 cans of red paint we purchased over a year ago).
The house is going to look soooooooo good! (will post pictures when we (okay Mike) has the painting finished...I assume it will take a week or two)

5. Enjoying the summer in the sprinkler!
I don't love the heat but a run through the sprinkler is always fun!


  1. I remember playing in the sprinkler as a child ... what fun we had!

    It is so fun when baby becomes old enough to be expressive. Such a wonderful time of life!

  2. Breast feeding is part of having a dear sweet baby. I've only found it insulting to others once in my life. The mother came to a family get together and exposed nearly her entire breast and walked around smiling and talking as baby nursed. She kept sitting near to a 40 year old man and watching for his reaction. I about lost it. Had no idea what my reaction was suppose to be so I did not have one. Have not tried to make friends with this gal since. Geesh!
    Most times it is just so precious, tiny baby, loving mama.

  3. I'm not far from you - a stone's throw across the Strait :)

    It's been fairly hot eh. I've been going to the beach. The ocean breeze is wonderful!

    Nursing my babies were the sweetest times. Enjoy!

  4. I'm so glad that you haven't received any negative reactions when nursing in public!

  5. I remember taking showers/baths with my little ones-precious memories!

  6. I just love when babies start reacting with our faces. So adorable. The sprinkler has been a welcome thing around here this week too.