Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nova Scotia Place of the Week-Prince's Inlet

We've made it to the cottage and no, there's still no baby! 38 weeks and a bit now and we are patiently (for the most part) waiting to welcome the newest arrival. I must say that we have a great location to wait! We are staying at Prince's Inlet Retreat near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and are finding it quite enjoyable. The owner of the cottage has been very helpful and informative and the setting is just picturesque.

Sunrise over Prince's Inlet (view from the front door).

Baby deer in the yard.

The cottage is just remote enough to make you feel like you are getting away yet it is close enough that it doesn't take much time to get to several larger towns to visit (and what beautiful historic towns they are). I'm sure that I'll be able to feature a couple of those towns over the coming weeks here on my blog so I hope that you will check in and see what we are doing while we are waiting for baby!

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