Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Favorites-May 9th

Each Friday I would like to share one of my favorite (and usually simple) pleasures in life.

This week it is coffee. More precisely a strong cappuccino with a rich cocoa and cinnamon topping.


I had this one last week as a reward for finishing my course in time. Yes, I procrastinated but considering that I managed to cram a 6 credit unversity course into 4 weeks I figured I deserved the treat. Oh, it was devine!

I'd love one day to open up a little coffee shoppe/bakery type place. It's something Mike and I have talked about for years. My baking has come along remarkably well (amazing what watching Food Network can teach you) and I am sure I will be sharing so of my favorite baked treats on a Friday in the near furture!

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