Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's been one crazy exciting week

Have you ever done anything crazy?

You know, like decide to pack up your family and move half way across the country? Yes, that's right....we're getting out of here. It's a long story but we needed big -no monumental- change. I posted not long ago about building a life. There's no way I was expecting such big changes in such a short time. The opportunity presented itself to us and instead of saying "no, now it not the time" we grabbed the bull by the horns, held on tight and said "okay, let's go for it." It's something that we've talked about doing in the future but we've only have one life to live and instead of being miserable where we are now (and we really aren't happy) we've decided to make our future now.

Let me here your crazy stories. Leave me a comment.


  1. Wow! Halfway across the country?!?! Now THAT'S exciting! Where are ya going?
    Good for you guys, if you're not happy, you gotta do what's gonna make you happy. Life's too short.
    I wish I had some crazy story for you, but I'm pretty boring :(
    Have a blast!

  2. Hey wow!!!
    So where are you guys going to? Wish I could do the same!

  3. Well my dear, we almost did the same crazy thing...packed up and moved with you...hahaha.
    You are going to have a lovely home over there and I know you'll be happy.
    Maybe some day in the future, we will be living somewhere near there. In the meantime, we'll just have to stick to visiting you.
    Love you lots sis!